Mujeeb Khan, PhD

Welcome to Mujeeb Khan's new website. I have revamped the website after multiple hacks through the old server. Unlike the old site, which I built myself, I am using a template for this new website.

This site is primarily concerned with Mujeeb's academic, research, and other professional activities. Some pages are composed in the first person and others in the third. This will be one aspect of the site that needs to be tweaked. 

Welcome to the NEW home of my website

I am currently Assistant Professor of Japanese, Islamic Studies, and Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at the University of Utah.

I am revamping my website with greater security. Please be patient while the site is updated. You can contact me at my email for any inquiries you might have. For those who have not heard back from me, please write back. This site and its associated email have had problems over the past year.

This site is still under development.

(Update: It's September 2020 and updates will be posted on the news page and elsewhere as I better acclimate myself to this new platform. This website was momentarily hacked, so it is slowly being updated now that the site has been successfully moved.)

(Update II: It's 2022--there have not been any updates to the site recently. Please see my Google Scholar page or faculty page at Utah.