October 7, 2019 - Words Laying Down the Law: Translating Arabic Legal Discourse, Aga Khan University, London

Presented the paper "Law and Modernity in Non-European Contexts: Contemporary Sensibilities in Japanese and Islamic Law"
See the talk below:

September 15, 2019 - European Association for Japanese Studies Conference, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba (Japan)

Presented the paper "Fukuzawa Yukichi and Modern Science: Exploring Liberalism in Meiji Japan" (pictures will be uploaded when obtained)

January 4, 2019 - Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Muslim Ethics, Louisville, KY

Presenting the paper "The East and Islam: The Ethical and the Ethnic [in View of Chinese and Japanese Islam]"

September 15, 2018 (afternoon) - Religion and Science Conference: Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence; Cambridge Muslim College; Cambridge, UK

Presenting the paper "Knowledge and Fact: Artificial Intelligence and Human Cognition in the Islamic Tradition"
You can view the talk here:

September 15, 2018 (morning) - European Society for the History of Science Annual Conference, UCL, London

Presenting the paper "Translation and the Medicine of Neighbors in Medieval China and Japan: The Transposition and Transference of Foreign Knowledge from the Islamic World and China"

November 16, 2017 - Bodies in Motion, University of Ghent, Ghent

Listening to a fellow panel member along with my other panel members and also presenting the paper "The Gendered and Engendered Medicine of Early Japan: Situating the Female in Early Japan"

July 9, 2017 - BSHS Annual Conference, University of York, York

Presenting the paper "Historicizing Medieval Medical Writing: Japan and the Islamic World"

July 5, 2017 - International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, Leeds

Presenting the paper "Indian Medicine as Extra in the Medieval Medical Traditions of Japan and the Islamic World"

November 23, 2016 - Needham Research Institute, Cambridge

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