This page will be for resources related to language study, research groups, networks, and funding opportunities. It currently consists of the list from the old website. It will be updated with new sections and new information. For outdated links, Google the titles and they should be available if still online.

This will be a portal for various language, research, historical, and other links here to benefit students, scholars, and others who might be interested. Please be patient as the list is developed. Note that things will be divided based on content and not language of the target source (though notes will be made).


'Western' Philosophy (Greek, Islamic, Medieval, etc)

History of Philosophy without Gaps

Medical History

Asian Medicine (IASTAM, Brill)

Asian Medicine Zone

Cultural History


(level for modern languages only - based on minimum competency required)

Arabic (MSA/classical)

(intermediate) Arabic Almanac (HW, LL, Arabic only dictionaries, etc)

Chinese (Mandarin)

(intermediate) MDBG Online Dictionary

(advanced) Comprehensive Chinese Dictionary (traditional character output but site template in simplified characters)

Chinese (classical)

Ctext (not critical editions)

Classical Chinese Dictionary (simplified characters)

Japanese (modern)

(advanced) Japanese compounds - not commonly found in 和英 or 英和 dictionaries>

(intermediate) Dictionary

(intermediate) コトバンク (国語辞典)

Japanese (classical)

古語辞典 - weblio

Japanese (kanbun [Sinitic])


Japanese (paleography)


More detailed 崩し字・変体仮名・検索


Databases and Email Lists


Japanese Books - Union Catalogue of Early Japanese Books in Europe

Aozora Bunko

Japanese Medicine - Secondary Literature (European Languages - not updated)

CINII Scholar Search

CNKI (Chinese/English)

Waseda Pre-modern Texts (Japanese)

NDL Digital Collections (Japanese/English)

e-Museum (Japanese/English)

Arabic Manuscripts (Fihrist) - UK Catalog

Princeton Digital Library of Islamic Manuscripts

Harvard Islamic Heritage Project (Online Islamic Manuscripts)

Cambridge Digital Library (Online Manuscripts)

Email Lists





Mersenne (Medical History)


Undergraduate (international - study abroad)

Freeman Asia Grant

Graduate/postgraduate (US)

Fulbright (non-US citizens)

Graduate/postgraduate (UK)

Gates Scholarship

Chevening Scholarships

Rhodes Scholarship

British Association for Japanese Studies' Funding and Prizes

British Society for the Philosophy of Science Doctoral Fellowships

Graduate/postgraduate (international - study abroad)

Fulbright U.S. Student Program (US citizens going abroad)

JASSO Scholarships for Study in Japan (studying in Japan)

Japan Society for Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Fellowships

Japan Foundation Fellowships

Korea Foundation Graduate Studies Fellowship & Postdoctoral Fellowship

Association for Asian Studies Grant Programs