For a list of Mujeeb’s academic writings, see his CV.

Mujeeb’s academic writings focus on subjects from Asia, the history of science and medicine, cultural interactions, and the medieval period, to closer case studies of China, Japan, and the Islamicate world as well as explorations of tradition, the encounter of the premodern with the modern (especially modern science), and various issues related to religion, culture, science, and law. For more on his research projects, see his current research and postdoc/doctoral research pages.

Besides journal and encyclopedia articles, Mujeeb is completing two book projects and starting a third. The first is based on his doctoral dissertation; the second is an expansion of his master's thesis, a first look at which is published as "The Two Ibn Sinas" (see CV) along with a forthcoming book chapter. The third, new book project represents the completion of my postdoctoral research project, from which I have one published book chapter and multiple forthcoming pieces.