History of Science and Medicine

One of Mujeeb's main areas of focus is the history of science and medicine. His work in history of science and medicine is based in an interdisciplinarity that stems from his initial encounter with the cross-cultural and transcultural medieval medical traditions of the premodern world. His published work on medicine covers broad issues through localized studies, including early modern and ancient Japan, the medieval Islamicate world, the Chinese medical literary tradition, and the transformation of medical knowledge within and between traditions throughout history. History of science and medicine, a naturally interdisciplinary field, often leads historians to adopt a pluralistic outlook of history and has similarly influenced Mujeeb's work. His postdoctoral project focuses on the tenth century to consider how the medicine of neighbors was appropriated in Japan and the Islamicate world after its arrival (through translation, acquisition, etc) in these new cultures. Rather than a focus on translation or dissemination, he is interested in how concepts of medicine and health, forms of knowledge (books, etc), and boundaries (disciplinary and traditional) are transformed as knowledge that has been transmitted within and between traditions is negotiated in new sociocultural intellectual landscapes.