For a list of Mujeeb’s published writings, see his CV.

The following has not been updated to reflect Mujeeb's current projects which include multiple novels and short story project. In particular, Mujeeb is reconceptualizing his popular works in Japanese to frame the narratives for a popular audience. He is also constructing English counterparts for American and other English-speaking audiences.

Mujeeb’s popular writings can be divided into fiction and non-fiction works. On fiction, he is currently working on his first novel.

On non-fiction, he is writing popular works in Japanese. He currently has three non-fiction popular works he has planned.

Words, Identity, and Freedom

The first book focuses on international communication and culture. Despite internationalization and globalization, both in the Meiji period and post-war period of Japan, the nation is still considered isolated by many locals due to its geographical nature as an ‘island nation’ at the eastern end of Asia. Rather than problematizing this narrative, Mujeeb attempts to deconstruct words and labels often employed in the identification of various cultures, peoples, and nations. In particular, the book uses terms like ‘nationality’ and ‘ethnicity’ to demonstrate how labels such as ‘international’ are replete with contradictions benefiting people only those people whose identities are comprised of positive stereotypes. In order to reveal and reconcile these issues, the book focuses on five terms often used to identify other groups, including nationality and ethnicity, to provide readers with the option of negotiating their own definitions and foregoing established ones, often deeply rooted in colonial and post-colonial negative stereotypes. <additional information: while I am changing the structure for this work, the focus remains language and identity and their relationship with freedom>

Other books

The second book will consider how identity operates in Japan and, the third, Sino-Japanese identity. Both will primarily focus on social identity at the individual level, group identity, and the positive and negative tensions between individual and group.

Please check back here for more information on the publication of new works and the start of new projects. I plan to complete multiple projects related to these subjects in 2021 once my two academic book projects are complete.